March 31, 2023

WalletHub News Release

2018's Happiest States in America

Florida ranked #29 in this survey

| 9/11/2018

With the U.S. ranking No. 18 on this year’s World Happiness Report, down four spots since the previous edition, and research proving that money up to a certain dollar amount can contribute to happiness, the personal-finance website today released its report on 2018’s Happiest States in America as well as accompanying videos.

Florida placed #29 on this survey. Florida's total happiness score is 51 (highest state is Hawaii at 68 for this metric). The "Emotional and Physical Well-Being Rank" for Florida is 20 (Hawaii is 1). The "Work Environment Rank" for Florida is 20. The "Community & Environment Rank" for Florida is 47.

Other metrics for Florida show the state ranks poorly in these metrics: #48 in the nation (out of 51) for "Divorce Rate" - meaning, the state has a very high divorce rate. Florida placed #47 for being "Safe." Florida was #50 for "Volunteer Rate." Florida placed #48 "Income Growth." Florida placed #47 for "Long-Term Unemployment Rate." And Florida ranked #45 for "Sports Participation Rate."

To determine where Americans have the highest satisfaction with life, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 31 key indicators of happiness. The data set ranges from emotional health to income level to sports participation rate.

Happiest States in America
1 Hawaii 11 Wisconsin
2 Utah 12 Connecticut
3 Minnesota 13 New Jersey
4 North Dakota 14 New York
5 California 15 Virginia
6 Idaho 16 Massachusetts
7 Maryland 17 Washington
8 Iowa 18 Colorado
9 South Dakota 19 Georgia
10 Nebraska 20 North Carolina

Best vs. Worst

  • New York has the lowest share of adult depression, 11.70 percent, which is 2.2 times lower than in Oregon, which has the highest at 25.54 percent.
  • New Jersey has the fewest suicides (per 100,000 residents), 7, which is 3.7 times fewer than in Montana, which has the most at 26.
  • North Dakota has the lowest long-term unemployment rate, 13.1 percent, which is 3.4 times lower than in New Mexico, which has the highest at 44.9 percent.
  • Utah has the highest volunteer rate, 39.29 percent, which is 2.1 times higher than in Florida, where the rate is the lowest at 18.31 percent.
  • Utah has the lowest separation and divorce rate, 16.18 percent, which is 1.6 times lower than in Nevada, which has the highest at 26.57 percent.

To view the full report and your state’s rank, please click here.

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