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Real Estate

Dogfights on Demand

A company run by a former British air force pilot wants to use augmented reality technology to train American combat pilots.

Private Enemy

Florida's history as a military training ground now includes providing a base for 'hostile' air forces.

Banking Profile
The Customers Nobody Wanted

Surety Bank has found a niche serving clients like check-cashing firms and the marijuana industry that other banks shunned.

Economic Backbone

Cardiac Care
Eating Do's and Don'ts

Advice for a healthy diet.

'Another Helpful Tool'

AI is playing a bigger role in health care but still needs improvements.

Not Missing a Beat

A Northeast Florida hospital plans a center for patients with abnormal heart rhythms.

New-Tech Alternatives

The next-gen Watchman PLX is an alternative to blood-thinner medications.

Shock Waves

Manatee Memorial is using shock therapy and a new device to treat heart patients.

Coming Clean

A South Florida cardiologist hopes his second major study ends the debate around chelation therapy.

When Less is More

Minimally invasive procedures are transforming the way doctors repair the heart.


Up Front
A Welcome Addition

We are excited to welcome Vickie Chachere as our new Executive Editor.

Clarence Otis Jr.

"Companies need to speak out on things that are at odds with what they say they stand for."

Editor's Page
Car Talk

There are reasons - both technical and financial - why automotive startups are scarce.

Sustainability & Energy

Sustainability & Energy

Florida's Energy Profile

Solar will play a bigger role, but fossil fuels will remain the dominant source of energy in Florida for many years.

Breathing Easier

Three USF students have developed a way for ventilators to serve more than one patient at a time.

Real Estate
Fewer Eyesores

By dealing aggressively with the owners of dilapidated homes and vacant lots, St. Petersburg has improved its housing stock.

Waterfront Homes
Sand in Their Eyes

While many come to Florida dreaming of a home on the beach, starting prices for waterfront property have gone through the roof.

Beach Bits

What's true fo real estate in general - limited inventory, soaring prices - is true of beachfront and then some.

Around the State

Gender Equity Dashboard

The Miami-Dade Women's Fund has launched an online dashboard.

Picture Perfect

CarLife connects dealers with photographers and videographers.

Arts and Aliens

Fairgrounds St. Pete features artwork depicting the quirky side of Florida.

Education & Energy

Florida Power & Light and GE Digital open Microgrid Control Laboratory at UCF

A 60th Anniversary in Northeast Florida

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens celebrates 60th anniversary

Building a Better Simulator

Researchers at FSU and FAMU have developed a low-gravity simulator 1000 times larger than any of the same type.

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