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The Strength of Our Brand

If not for the steadfast support of our subscribers and advertisers across all platforms — the magazine, our eNews alerts, our custom publications and our website — the magazine you are holding in your hands or reading on your screen might look very different. We would not be able to continue our commitment to strong journalism. So I want to thank all of you for continuing to support Florida Trend, especially during these trying times.

Like many businesses across the state, we have suffered our share of bruises during this pandemic, but given the unusual circumstances, we are very fortunate to be in the position that we are in.

While other media companies are struggling to keep their paid readership steady, Florida Trend’s base of paid subscribers continues to grow. Our ability to stay true to our editorial mission directly correlates to our success as a paid subscriber-based publication. In addition, our advertising revenue, our lifeblood, has remained strong — more evidence that advertisers continue to find value with Florida Trend.

While many companies have been forced to lay off workers or to cut employee pay, we have not had to take either measure, fortunately — thanks in large part to strong advertiser and subscriber support and a bit of expense management.

The Florida Trend brand has held strong over its 62-year history — and we have every intention of continuing our strong performance for another 62-plus years. Our readers (and advertisers) rely on Florida Trend for its impartial and in-depth reporting on business issues, and as Florida’s Business Authority, we take that responsibility very seriously.

In this month’s issue, Florida Trend’s editorial team takes a data-driven look at the impact COVID-19 has had on the state’s nursing homes. Amy Keller’s in-depth article looks at the issues and challenges long-term care facilities in Florida face and highlights the major industry players. You might be surprised to learn that the nursing home industry in Florida can actually claim some success in keeping COVID-19 at bay. Although 431 facilities had reported at least one COVID fatality as of July, more than 900 had reported zero deaths. Take a look at the feature on page 90.

This month’s Economic Backbone focuses on Florida’s energy sector. The section highlights new technologies and industry advances and includes our annual list of investor- and non-investor-owned utilities.

Also, don’t miss Mike Vogel’s research and innovation feature. You’ll learn about a company in Daytona Beach that makes electric and hybrid powertrains for electricplane makers, an outfit out of West Palm Beach that has come up with a solution for hiding those unsightly electrical boxes atop cellular towers, a company called Ocean-Based Perpetual Energy that is using submerged turbines to generate power from the Gulf Stream, and much more from both the private and public sectors in Florida.

Again, thank you for your support of Florida Trend. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the relevant news, information and insights you need to run your business successfully.

— David Denor, Publisher


Read more in Florida Trend's September issue.
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