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Finasana launches a new podcast: Invest Like a Woman

On Wall Street, women make up only 8% of investors – perhaps not surprising, as investing has historically been a male-dominated field. However, more worryingly than the gender gap in professional investors, is that women on average retire with two-thirds the money that men do. Despite studies showing that women actually tend to be better investors than men, they don’t invest nearly as often as men – which contributes to poor financial health later in life.

The reasons for this are complex – but aided by the societal expectations we have around finances and men: it’s not only a male-dominated field, but a male-dominated topic.

The best tool we have to get more women taking charge of their finances – and therefore investing their money – is to get them talking about money.

Finasana’s new podcast, Invest Like a Woman, hosted by Finasana’s founder Gabi Slemer, Chartered Financial Analyst and former Wall Street investor, is out to get more women not just talking about it, but investing their money. Invest Like a Woman will equip listeners with information and tools so that they will feel confident, empowered, and prepared to navigate an opaque and jargon-filled space that isolates so many of us.

Consistent with Finasana’s mission and content strategy, the podcast won’t teach people how to pick the best stocks or pinch pennies so they can retire at 35. Rather the goal is that people, especially women who are often underrepresented in the space, can cultivate a healthy and balanced money foundation.

In recent years, the financial industry has moved towards making investing more accessible through online investing platforms, self-directed portfolios, lower fees, and lower investment minimums. It has been a massive change that reduces barriers to entry seen with previous generations.

Today, it’s easier than ever for people to invest their money and grow their wealth, but so many of us, especially women, aren’t investing our money due to fear and lack of information. Invest Like a Woman’s objective is to help women navigate the maze of financial jargon to unlock the wealth-building powers of investing.

According to Gabi Slemer, Founder and CEO of Finasana, “Women especially, so often leave their savings in low-interest savings accounts simply because they don’t think investing is available to them,” she adds, “but the truth is that everyone, men and women, should have access to tools and information that will allow them to grow their money when invested.”

Gabi says: “I am incredibly frustrated by how difficult the financial industry makes everything. Fed up with over-confident (usually) men throwing around jargon to one-up each other, Invest Like a Woman is where I break everything down to shine a light on an industry that has been purposefully kept under wraps for far too long.”

Invest Like a Woman is streaming bi-weekly on Spotify, Apple and Google.

About Gabi Slemer:
Gabi Slemer is the CEO & founder of Finasana, a financial education platform on a mission to make money easier. Prior to launching Finasana, Gabi’s career was in corporate finance, most recently as an M&A advisor at PJT Partners, a leading investment bank in London and as an investment analyst at Elliott Management Corporation, a $40bn hedge fund in New York. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst, real estate broker and investor, and a registered yoga teacher passionate about the intersection between financial and mental health. Gabi has been featured in various publications such as Women's Health, Time, Business Insider, The Fintech Times, Stylist, and Well + Good. In her role as a financial educator and speaker, she hosts workshops for corporations, associations, and universities.

About Finasana:
Finasana is a financial literacy and wellbeing platform that educates, engages, and empowers. Through workshops, articles, and masterclasses, we enable our community to take control of their money and build financial confidence. Finasana is on a mission to close the financial advice gap and reduce money stress to improve overall wellbeing. Finasana champions simplicity and accessibility to make financial literacy attainable for everyone.