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At some universities, tenure may become a thing of the past. That could have an economic impact.

At some universities, tenure may become a thing of the past. That could have an economic impact.

Florida has a new law that could make it harder for professors to retain tenure. Other states, like South Carolina, have considered eliminating tenure entirely. Yet, tenure remains a status that future professors like Autumn Shackelford aspire to. Shackelford, who has three years to go in her Ph.D. program, says granting a professor tenure broadcasts to the rest of the world: This person and their work are worth investing in, even if there’s no immediate practical purpose. [Source: Marketplace]

Analysis of Florida's teacher shortage: Potential causes and ramifications

Florida TaxWatch (FTW) has released Are Floridians Ready to Go Back to School? Not Without More Teachers... The report presents an analysis of Florida’s pervasive teacher shortage, outlining potential causes, from compensation to mental health, and the significant ramifications for schools and students. It also summarizes action taken at both the state and local level to combat this crisis and bolster the teacher workforce. [Source: Florida TaxWatch]

Eclectic mix of applicants seek Florida chancellor post

A former Republican Senate leader, the chief business officer of Emory University’s college of theology and the deputy provost of a university in Ireland are among the applicants vying to head the state’s higher-education system. The state Board of Governors is seeking a replacement for retiring Chancellor Marshall Criser. A former president of AT&T Florida and onetime chairman of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Criser has held the position since 2014. [Source: News Service of Florida]

FIU and Blockchain.com partner to better prepare students for crypto and tech jobs

Florida International University (FIU) has partnered with Blockchain.com, one of the world's most trusted and popular platforms to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency, to expand Web3 and cryptocurrency education at the university. Through FIU’s Innovative Education and Student Success initiatives, the partnership will help identify new opportunities for learners interested in tech and Web3 through intentional curricular, co-curricular, and continuing education programming and courses, showcasing Blockchain.com’s commitment to education and accessibility. More from FIU News and the Miami Herald.

New Florida laws creating 'confusion' and 'chaos' in schools, says teachers' union president

Most schoolchildren across Florida began classes last week, as districts are still trying to work out what teachers in Florida can and cannot say, in order to avoid lawsuits by parents after the passage of the The Parental Rights in Education law and the Stop Woke Act, which took effect in July. WUSF's Kerry Sheridan spoke with Andrew Spar, president of the Florida Education Association, about how the state's largest teachers' union is trying to help its members navigate the new terrain. [Source: WUSF]


› Central Florida schools work to fill pandemic learning gap
Closing the pandemic learning gap is a challenge school districts in Central Florida are facing this school year. The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted students’ lives. Schools shut down and most switched to virtual learning. The impact on academics is significant.

› The University of Miami’s housing crunch is causing a lot of stress. Here’s what is going on
Hundreds of students have been impacted by the housing shortage at UM, the largest private university in South Florida. It’s not only affecting new students; seniors returning after a semester away in their junior year also landed on UM’s housing wait list, which topped nearly 1,600 in February, the largest wait list in the school’s 97-year history.

› Why did the University of Florida suddenly fire its honors program director?
The director of the University of Florida’s honors program, who has been in the role eight years, says he was fired for no apparent reason with two years left on his current, five-year contract. Mark Law, the director, also says he was told that the university’s Board of Trustees insisted on his ouster, against the will of the university’s president and provost.

› Broward recruits teachers from Philippines to address staff shortage
Broward school district has found one more way to fill many vacant positions going into the school year: hiring from the Philippines. About 102 Filipino teachers have either already arrived in schools, or are on their way to schools, in the coming weeks. “It’s overwhelming,” Artie Marforie, a new science teacher from the Philippines at Westpine Middle School, said to Superintendent Vickie Cartwright when she visited his classroom on Tuesday for the first day of school.