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Limited Liability Companies

What is a limited liability company?
A limited liability company (LLC) is similar to, but different from a corporation. Like a corporation, it offers limited personal liability. However, an LLC is not required to hold regular stockholder or management meetings, and there are no requirements to comply with other corporate formalities.

To form a Florida LLC, submit Articles of Organization and a $125 fee to the Division of Corporations.

Articles of Incorporation must contain:

    • The name of the limited liability company, which must be distinguishable on the records of the Department of State and contain the words “Limited Liability Company,” the abbreviation “L.L.C.” or the designation “LLC.”
    • The mailing address and the street address of the principal office of the LLC.
    • The name and Florida street address of the limited liability company’s Registered Agent.
    • The registered agent must sign and state that he/she is familiar with and accepts the obligations of the position.
    • The signature of one member or authorized representative.



  • Chapters 605, 607 and 617, F.S., allow a foreign corporation or limited liability company, incorporated or organized under the laws of any jurisdiction outside of Florida, to transact business or conduct its affairs in this state.

Download the form and instructions at Sunbiz.org and submit by mail.


Filing Tip

The Department of State’s filing forms meet the minimum filing requirements.

Your articles may need to include additional items that specifically apply to your situation. The Department of State strongly recommends that all legal documents be reviewed by a legal professional prior to submission.

Although not required, the Department of State recommends that you list the names and addresses of the entity’s initial officers, directors or persons authorized to manage the business in the document. Most financial institutions will not open a bank account unless these individuals have been designated on the Department of State’s records.