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People Powered, From Pencils to Pixels


When Fry | Hammond | Barr opened its doors in 1957, the founders had a secret recipe for success: a knack for believing in themselves. A mindset of adaptation to any circumstance, because for founders Chuck, Bob, and Pete, as well as the team they worked alongside, the alternative wasn't an option. The agency rebranded to &Barr in 2015, but that same spirit stuck around. It's put the agency in a category of its own — a place the staff of 600 E Washington doesn't mind working in. Even as pencils became styluses and papers were replaced by pixels, the team at &Barr has maintained a drive to find success in every situation. With a mindset like that, it's no wonder that &Barr has been named one of Florida's Best Companies to Work For. Feel like you share that same spirit of success? Check out &Barr's open positions at andbarr.co/careers.


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