February 8, 2023


Jawole Willa Jo Zollar

Dancing was definitely a hallmark of my childhood. My sister and I danced at our local dance studio, and we started performing fairly young as part of a revue. These revues in the Black community usually had a comic MC, a flash act like the Nicholas Brothers, a tap dancer, an exotic dancer or a stripper, which was kind of like post-vaudeville burlesque. My sister and I, we were part of the kiddie act. I did that probably from age 7 or 8 until about 16 or 17. Read more »
Published on 2/8/2023

Statewide outlook for Florida in 2023

Economist Jerry Parrish expects a U.S. recession in 2023 but says that doesn't necessarily mean Florida will join in. If Florida does, he says, it will be shorter than the national recession and not as deep. Read more »
Published on 1/31/2023

More Options

Tampa General Hospital's Bone Marrow Transplant and Cell Therapies Unit, part of TGH's Cancer Institute, opened last spring, offering another option for patients seeking treatment for aggressive blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma and other disorders. Read more »
Published on 1/31/2023

Gentler Approach

Brain metastases are a significant problem for women with breast cancer, particularly those with HER2+ breast cancer, an aggressive subtype that tends to grow and spread quickly. Up to half of the women with metastatic HER2+ breast cancer will end up with the cancer spreading to their brain — and until recently, treatment options were limited and caused severe side effects. Read more »
Published on 1/31/2023

'Smart' Ponds

As Category 4 Hurricane Ian approached in late September, a “smart” retention pond on S.R. 45 near Port Tampa Bay captured 175,000 cubic feet of the polluted flow before it hit Tampa Bay. Read more »
Published on 1/30/2023

Surge in Survivors

By 2032, the number of cancer survivors in the U.S. is expected to rise 24.4% to 22.5 million, according to the National Cancer Institute. Read more »
Published on 1/25/2023

Targeting Ovarian Cancers

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare‘s cancer center expansion, scheduled for completion early this year and adds 13 exam rooms, more space for infusion therapy and lab services. Read more »
Published on 1/24/2023

Moffitt Grows

Pasco Innovation District: Moffitt is developing 775 acres in Pasco County, the largest expansion in the cancer center's history. The new life sciences innovation district will serve as a hub for research, digital innovation, education and patient care. The project will include about 16 million square feet of research lab, light industrial and manufacturing, general office and clinical building space. Read more »
Published on 1/19/2023

A First in the Southeast for UF Health

UF Health is the first system in the Southeast to acquire a linear accelerator (or “linac” machine) that enables personalized cancer treatment by combining a detailed MRI with precision radiotherapy. With the Elekta Unity MR-Linac — which features a magnet 30,000 times stronger than Earth's magnetic field — physicians can see and track changes in tumors smaller than a staple in real time, as well assess a patient's response to treatment and adapt it if necessary. Read more »
Published on 1/12/2023

All In

In the 1986 photograph in the local newspaper, teenager Ken Griffin sits closest to the camera, typing away on a keyboard. The “lanky bespectacled youth,” as the accompanying article described him, belonged to Boca Raton Community High School's “crack computer team.” Being on Boca's computer team carried a particular local status: The IBM personal computer was born just five years earlier at the company's massive Boca Raton campus. Read more »
Published on 1/9/2023

Early Detection

Chemistry and biochemistry professor Gregg Fields brings the personal and the scientific to his work against cancer. All four of his grandparents died of cancer before age 70. His parents and sister are cancer survivors. Read more »
Published on 1/9/2023

Central Florida's economic forecast for 2023

“Nationally in 2023, we expect the health care industry to grow faster than the overall economy, reflecting health care's continued expanding share of the nation's GDP. Interestingly, health care costs have not been growing as fast as other consumer staples such as food and gas. This is partially the result of health care prices being set in advance through federal and state programs and through contracting with private insurance payers. Health systems are under pressure through higher labor and supply costs. As a result of these cost pressures and other factors, expect to see additional health system consolidation across the state and nation.” Read more »
Published on 1/1/2023

Southeast Florida's economic forecast for 2023

“Most people don't realize the University of Florida has made two big plays in our county. The University of Florida is going to take 12 acres in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach for a graduate school in data analytics, cybersecurity, AI, aviation and aerospace. The second area the University of Florida has taken over is the Scripps Research Institute — to really build out that cluster the way we envisioned in 2004. Read more »
Published on 1/1/2023

Northeast Florida's economic forecast for 2023

“North- Central Florida's thriving life sciences industry is home to numerous highly collaborative businesses that support, encourage and strengthen each other to drive innovation and positively impact the community. The region's proximity to the University of Florida and Santa Fe College provides a very strong talent pool that is essential to supporting growing businesses. RTI Surgical has a private-label OEM business model and partners with leading medical technology companies to address unmet needs in the tissue and biologics regenerative medical device markets.” Read more »
Published on 1/1/2023

Northwest Florida's economic forecast for 2023

“For the most part, companies are hiring, but as they go into 2023, they are still hurting for people. I went to a conference recently, and I learned that in the health care field there is one nurse for every 10 open positions. In the hospitality industry, it is one person for every six job openings. It's getting better, but it's still very painful for many industries. So, a lot of companies are trying to fill the gap with automation, and inevitably everybody is going to have to go there out of desperation. Many companies have resisted doing that, but they have got to find a way to close the job gap and perhaps consider going down the artificial intelligence path. Perhaps using AI to search through resumes for keywords and things of that nature. We're a very personalized relationship-driven business, so we don't want to damage our interpersonal relationships by being too abstract or too distant or too techie, but we have had a really hard time, especially following COVID, finding quality people for quality jobs.” Read more »
Published on 1/1/2023

Southwest Florida's economic forecast for 2023

“PostcardMania has encountered and overcome many challenges in the past, and I feel 2023 will be no different. Even amidst inflation, where we have had to adjust our pricing and some business dealings due to the cost of essential materials, we are still growing.” Read more »
Published on 1/1/2023

Miami's economic forecast for 2023

“Insurance is always front of mind for Florida owners and investors. Rising construction costs and pricing for properties has led to a dramatic increase in required total insurable value. Coupled with recent claims, this results in a difficult insurance market with little visibility for owners and buyers into future expected insurance premiums. Stability in this market will be crucial to keep transactions moving smoothly in Miami.” Read more »
Published on 1/1/2023

Construction underway for Leon County's $24-million business incubator

Construction underway for Leon County's $24-million business incubator Read more »
Published on 12/31/2022

Game On: Julie Imanuel Brown

As Hurricanes Fiona and Ian closed in on Puerto Rico and Southwest Florida in September, Julie Imanuel Brown of Tampa knew better than most what the storms could do to power supplies. Read more »
Published on 12/31/2022

A Family Vacation Platform: Nick, Dan and Matt Falcone

The “aha” moment for the three Falcone brothers came when sales opened for a vacation real estate project in Orlando developed by their father, the legendary Art Falcone. The first 100 or so buyers didn't want the houses for vacations. The buyers wanted them as investment properties to rent out to vacationers. Read more »
Published on 12/31/2022

AdventHealth's virtual RNs are helping battle burnout in the nursing profession

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacted a toll on the nursing profession, intensifying burnout and causing many nurses to leave the bedside. Read more »
Published on 12/31/2022

Emergency Ventures app helps get critical information out during natural disasters to those without cell service

Emergency Ventures, a web and mobile app that connects citizens, volunteers and emergency managers during natural disasters when there's no internet or cell service, was launched to help recovery efforts during Hurricane Ian in Southwest Florida. It uses cached data from hundreds of services and bluetooth links. Read more »
Published on 12/30/2022

Jacksonville small-craft distillery among first in Florida to enter canned cocktail market

Manifest Distilling of Jacksonville is now selling a line of canned cocktails, making it among the first of Florida's small craft distilleries to do so. Read more »
Published on 12/30/2022

Baptist Health Care's $650-million Pensacola hospital to open next fall

In a recent interview with FLORIDA TREND, Mark Faulkner, president and CEO of Baptist Health Care, talked about BHC's $650-million hospital and 57-acre campus in Pensacola. Read more »
Published on 12/30/2022

Naked Ambition: Jordan Johnson

After graduating with a business degree from the University of Florida in 2010, Jordan Johnson sought a career that would enable him to “make a difference” and “make the world a better place.” His first job, working for a General Electric financial management program in the Northeast, didn't work out the way he hoped. Read more »
Published on 12/28/2022

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Big John, world’s largest triceratops, finds home at Glazer Children’s Museum
Big John, world’s largest triceratops, finds home at Glazer Children’s Museum

The 26-foot-long dinosaur made history when it was first discovered in South Dakota in 2014. And it made history again in 2021 when it fetched a record $7.7 million at an auction in Paris, the most ever paid for ancient bones that weren’t a T. rex. The winning bid came from Tampa entrepreneur Sidd Pagidipati, chairperson of Ayon Capitol and Better Health Group. He is lending Big John to the museum for the next three years.

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